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Cylinder vases
Cylinder vases. Great for most items, including flowers or branches. All sizes, short to tall.
Block vases
Block vases. Like the cylinder vases, also good for larger displays and bulky materials.
Tapered vases
Tapered vases. Available in both square/rectaglular, and cylinder!
Tower vases
Tower vases. Beautiful, stylish Eiffel Tower style vases make an elegant statement.
New items
New items
Bowl vases
Bowl vases. Our great
selection of bowl/round vases
are available in several sizes
and styles.
Apothecary jars
Apothecary jars. Super popular apothecary jars in several styles.
Cube vases
Cube vases. Equal width and height glass cubes, in several sizes.
Daily use vases
Daily use vases. A selection of popular shapes and sizes.
New items
New items
Tapered vases
Bullet/Urn. Slender, elegant double-taper vases in a variety of heights and widths.
Terrariums. Square shapes, geometrics and hanging globes.
Reversible vases
Reversibles. These incredible vase designs can be flipped for a different look!
Candle holders
Candle holders. Choose from table-top styles or hanging candle holders.
New items
New items
Trumpet vases
Trumpet vases. A classic look for any event.
Hurricane vases - tubes
Tube/Hurricane. Create your own look, or use as a replacement lense for your lantern. Three sizes.
Unique vases
Unique. A variety of interesting and one-of-a-kind vase designs.
Martini and wine glasses
Martini and Wine. Delicate and stylish, make any event a real stand-out.
New items
New items
Ceramaic vases
Decorative Ceramic. Colors, sizes, finishes, textures! Lots if ideas here.
Vase filler beads
Vase Fillers. Glass marbles, acrylics, colored sands, river stones and more!
LED lights
Lights. Submersibles, string lights, lighted bases, and remote-controlled LED's!
Terrrium stands
Terrarium stands. Our hanging terrariums display nicely with these great stands. A great gift idea.
New items
New items

The Vase Place wholesale glass vases is a supplier of quality discount glass vases. We provide a wide variety of discount vases, including round vases, cylinder vases, cube vases, rectangular vases, eiffel tower vases, and a variety of filler materials such as river stones, mosses, glass beads and aqua beads in several colors.

We provide discount glass vase products to the floral industry as well as end user customers. All discount glass products are carefully packaged for delivery via FedEx or freight truck to minimize the chances of damage.

The Vase Place offers discount pricing on single glass vase items, and deeper discounts when ordered by the case. For trade pricing on multiple cases of discount glass vases and pallets, please contact us directly at (909) 218-3525. For trade pricing, be sure to have your tax ID and business information ready so that we can create your trade account without delay.

We are located in Rancho Cucamonga, along with our other company, Blooms & Branches (

What are vases?

A vase is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers, stick or decorative branches. It can be made from a number of materials including ceramics and glass. The vase is often decorated and thus used to extend the beauty of its contents.

Vases are defined as having a certain anatomy. Lowest is the foot, a distinguishable base to the piece. The design of the base may be bulbous, flat, carinate, or another shape. Next, the body, which forms the main and often largest portion of the piece. Resting atop the body is sometimes found the shoulder, where the body curves inward. Then the neck, where the vase is given more height. Lastly, the lip, where the vase may (or may not) flares back out at the top. All these attributes can be seen in our various products. Some vases are also given handles. Today, the shapes of vases have evolved from the conventional ones to modern designs and shapes.

The vase has also developed as an art medium unto itself. The ancient Greeks famously used vases to depict scenes. It has since been developed and in 2003 the winner of the Turner Prize was Grayson Perry, for vase art.

Using glass vases

Flowers or other natural materials can make your event look great or you home look beautiful. But the right glass vases can make your display look gorgeous. The secret to an incredible centerpiece or bouquet is the decorative glass vase.

We offer several different types of vases, some made of different materials than glass, and of different shapes and sizes. One container cannot be used for all flowers or materials. The size, shape and material of the vase have to be considered beforehand.

To select the right vase, first choose the materials or flowers that you want to place in it. If you have only a few items or blooms, go for a smaller vase. If it is a full or tall display, then a bigger vase is more suitable.

Next, take into account the stems of the materials. A tall, cylindrical glass vase will support long, rigid stemmed items such as sunflowers or willow branches. The height of the container and its narrow shape can give a more controlled look to the bulky bunch.

1. For short-stemmed items, use small, round vases instead. As a general rule, the height of the vase should be half the height of the materials you place in them. A round flower-holder is also ideal for full blossoms as it accentuates their shapes and gives them more space to spread out. Round holders also provide for a dome-like arrangement.

2. If you have a single item or a couple of thinner stems, then go for a narrower, tall glass vase. This arrangement is ideal for a minimalist look. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece for your event tables. On the other hand, if you have a bigger arrangement with a variety of items, select a wider container with a heavy base. This will support the arrangement and hold it steady.

3. A square glass vase can add a modern and fashionable touch to your event. The angles of the square vase will contrast beautifully with the smooth curves of the stems.

4. If the items that you are using are healthy with strong stems, glass vases are the best way to display them. The stems should be properly arranged to fill the entire space within. Clear glass vases highlight the flowers and do not distract your attention.

5. While selecting the right vase, also take into account the area where you will be placing it. If you will be placing it in the balcony or in the corner of the room, go for taller, bigger container. To place arrangements on table, choose smaller, wider vases.

Lastly, using glass vases for centerpieces is better than using flamboyant vases. This will ensure that the attention is on the flowers or stems. Also, make sure that your display is not top nor bottom heavy. Step back and look at the arrangement to make sure it is well balanced.



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